From our workshop to your home without an intermediary, a win-win formula


Our history

History has it that the cork waffle is part of Belgian heritage,
In the 18th century, the Prince-Bishop of Liège would have asked his cook to compose something tasty and sweet for him.
Deal !

It took us about 1 year to reproduce this historic sweetness,

Deal ! With a 100 product similar to the original..

After 25 years in Quebec, I often looked for this little pearl sugar delicacy that we used to eat on every street corner in Belgium.

So I decided not to search anymore, but to create.

I returned to France Brittany and Belgium to follow a training course as a master pancake maker and waffle maker.r.
Then, I did my Mapaq training.

Today Waffle N 'Go was born to allow you to taste and savor these waffles and pancakes during your breakfasts, parties, with family, or at work.

Our cork waffles are available in boxes of 8 frozen or fresh waffles.
Our sweet and savory pancakes are turned by hand. We have developed a wide range of products
From the cork waffle through the stuffed pancakes without forgetting the waffle or pancake dough to satisfy all palates.

Enjoy your meal!