From our workshop to your home without an intermediary, a win-win formula


Do you have a fixed room?

For now with what is happening Pandemic we prefer to continue our production formula in our workshop and sell directly by deliveryn 

Because our workshop is an official commercial kitchen Based in Ottawa Production unit: 1155 Lola St, Ottawa, ON K1K4C1 where we pay on production. So no lease, no additional charge. Hence also why our products are frozen. But as soon as the situation changes, we intend to open kiosks to sell our waffles and pancakes made in front of you.s.

But this in no way detracts from the quality and taste of our products.

Are you an official company.
Yes we are a company registered in the Quebec business register.


Why we don't pay tax on your products.

Putting taxes on products is not mandatory until a certain threshold is reached, and it involves a lot of paperwork and good accounting because some products are taxable and others are not. there is also the number of products sold which influences taxes and the like. For now with the structure we have, we prefer to focus on the production and quality of our products.
Which is an advantage for you.
 But that can change at any time. We don't require a tip, but if you like our service, please feel free to.


 NOTWe do not require a tip, but if you like our service, please feel free to

How to order?

Go to our online store choose your products and place your order, we deliver in the Outaouais for the moment, but we expect to cover Montreal and the other cities in the near future..

Payment and delivery

Payments are made by credit card, PayPal, interac transfer to the  Always remember to order your products 24 hours in advance and tell us around what time you want your delivery, because our products must remain frozen until the moment of cooking, which is why it is important that when delivery you are there, in order to keep frozen waffle doughs or other frozen products

​VSow it works for waffle doughs:

You order from Gaufre N'go We deliver frozen dough pieces to you.

Unfreeze the waffle dough according toinstructions on the packaging cut blocks of 50 to 100 gr depending on your waffle iron, then cook thedough in the waffle iron

Bake about 3 depending on your waffle iron.

​The more the waffle dough isthawed, the softer the waffles will be

How to clean your waffle iron


Heat the waffle iron thenunplug it.  Put a little water in the molds not to overflow to melt the sugar. Use a silicone spatula to dislodge the unmelted sugar.u.

Close the lid so that the hot steam helps loosen the sugar on the upper part of the waffle iron.

Empty the water, take some paper towels and pass through the slots of the waffle iron to wipe off the water and sugar residue.

Waffle makers

Cork waffles are made with pearl sugar so it is important to use the correct one.waffle iron. Ask always a waffle iron with large notches for Belgian waffles because the sugar must melt and spread along the channels. Also the yeast becomes active again when you thaw the dough pieces and increases in volume when the waffle bakes, hence the importance that the dough can have enough space in the waffle iron to develop.Do not buy the small waffle irons at 10 to make cork waffles you will never have the desired result. view the photophoto



Stuffed pancakes

Our stuffed pancakes are made with only premium quality ingredients. The stuffing inside the pancakes is already cooked
To get the best of this pancake when cooking it is to:1 Defrost the pancake in the microwave for 1 min to 2,
2 then cook it over low heat on a pan with butter, turning it sideways for 5 min.
Let cool 2 min before eating because the melted cheese inside can still be very hot.